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Here at Oncorace Foundation, we see the value in everyone.

Oncorace Foundation, a non-profit and charitable organisation focusing on the development of science,  technology, and research in healthcare. The objective of the organisation is to serve nurture and transform unprivileged communities by all possible means with a focus on healthcare.  We are involved in delivering education, various charity activities, counselling and educational support services. 


Oncorace Foundation has been founded by Dr Sajeev Thomas as a platform for charity in healthcare via education, support and research. The registered office of the foundation is in Kerala, India.


Donate PPE for Medical Physics and Medical Physics for Life are the initiatives of the foundation to spread awareness on the safety of healthcare professionals fighting the pandemic Covid-19 at remote locations. Professionals from more than 20 countries attended the webinars and educational programs, supported by eminent scientists and educators from Asia, Europe and the United States of America.


Health technology assessment program is to support medical physics community as well as to promote the application of science and technology in healthcare. 


The foundation also  supports  the development  of cost-effective technologies to improve the accessibility of advanced technologies in lower-income countries. We are active in delivering advanced health technology educational programs and training programs attended by professionals around the globe.


We are also looking forward to collaborating with governmental and non-governmental agencies and like-minded individuals to initiating health facilities,  educational institutions,  research centres, charity homes and other projects relevant to healthcare and well being of the society. 

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Welcome to join hands with us as volunteers. Get in touch with Oncorace Foundation to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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